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The INDISCH MUSEUM is an online museum that focuses on Dutch-Indonesian art and culture. With our digital museum we want to offer artists, architects, cultural historians, curators, and those who have affinity with the Dutch East Indies / Indonesia, a platform to show their objects / artworks.

There are many museums in the Netherlands that tell about the culture and cultural heritage of the former Dutch colony. The three ethnological museums in the Netherlands have in the course of time  merged into the National Museum of World Cultures (NMvW). The Wereldmuseum Rotterdam has also been under the umbrella of the NMvW since 8 May 2017, after signing a joint venture. The former museum Nusantara has donated part of its collection to this National Museum. A large part of that collection went back to Indonesia. Bronbeek Museum in Arnhem and the Indisch Herinneringscentrum tell the story of the Dutch East Indies and in particular the history of the Royal Dutch Indies Army (KNIL). We think it is very important to cherish that history and to keep telling about it. The culture and historical legacy of the Dutch East Indies are also tangible in the ‘meeting place’ Museum Sophiahof in The Hague.