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Become volunteer!

The online Indisch Museum asks volunteers for the following vacancies:

  • Translator
    This involves translating Dutch texts into English
    (8 hours per week)
  • Assistant sales and merchandising
    It concerns the sale of artworks and the merchandising through our website
    (8 hours per week)
  •  Management Assistant
    This is about supporting Doric and Fenny in their work
    (8 hours per week)
  • Applicant / handler grants
    It concerns the application and settlement of subsidies for projects that the online museum wants to start
    (8 hours per week)
  • Photographer
    This is about taking pictures on our website
    (on demand, up to 4 times a year).

You work from home and have regular contact with Fenny and Doric (the initiators of the online museum).

Organizational setting:

  • Decision making: Fenny and Doric 
  • Management: Fenny, Doric, assistant
  • Execution: Fenny, Doric, assistant, volunteers.

There is (yet) no income. All work by Fenny and Doric is done unpaid.

Are you interested? Please call for the follow-up procedure with Fenny (06 3093 9398) or Doric (020 615 3473). Or send us an e-mail:
E-mail address
E-mail adres

The procedure

  • You send us your resumé
  • Fenny and Doric decide whether or not to hold an interview
  • Fenny and Doric decide if you can join our team