Constance van Duinen

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Constance van Duinen visual artist and tap dancer, organizes visual art, dance and music projects.

She was born in Hollandia, New Guinea (Jayapura, Indonesia). She makes objects, installations, portable sculptures, graphics, drawings, theater costumes and decors. Many of her images are inspired by images from her Indo (= Dutch Indonesian) family history with both Asian and European characteristics.


She also acts as a tap dancer with her band MET CONSTANCE and gives tap workshops and lessons.
image010MET CONSTANCE is a group of musicians who wants to make the magic of tap dancing audible and simultaneously visible. MET  CONSTANCE has a predilection for Brazilian, Cuban and African percussive rhythms and the tap dancers also like to dance on jazz. The repertoire is varied, soft and lyrical in softshoe style, raw in scratching and power stomp.

The repertoire consists of own songs and interpretations of standards as written compositions, but are also performed improvisingly. The rhythmic sound of a tap dancer is brought as independent music and as part of an orchestra.

Selection of art works:


Antoinette (from the Indische family tree), 2015, woodcut, photo fragment, textile, size: 70 x 90 cm


Tempelhouse Arie, 2015, wood, size: 150 cm h x 35 x 35

In 2014, the exhibition Het Gemengde Gemengd was on show at the Verhalenhuis Belvédère in Rotterdam. Here the story of an ethnically mixed culture was made visible and discussed. The initiator of the exhibition was Constance van Duinen. In the exhibition she brought together work by, among others, Hans Citroen, Chequita Nahar and Nishiko.
Het Gemengde Gemengd was a confrontation of visual cultures and tempted people to delve into their own family tree and background:
OBS De Schalm:


QuasiNaga, 2014, woodcut, photo collages, textile, steel, wood, size: 230 h x 120 l x 90 cm deep. An image of a closed and at the same time open book about the Indo (Dutch Indonesian) family tree.


Angry Child, 2006, woodcut, photo fragment, acrylic, size: 52.5 x 42.5 cm From the series of ‘From school class to double portrait’.

Radiodocumentaire about the Indo family tree  of Constance van Duinen by Michal Citroen of the program OVT, VPRO radio 2012.

In ‘Spoor Spoor’, you zoom in on the family tree of Constance. Program maker Michal Citroen takes her to a number of historians / writers and questions them about the history of the Dutch East Indies following the photo albums of Constance. Interviewed are: Reggie Baay, author of De Njai – The concubinate in the Dutch East Indies, Oei Hong Kian, author of Kind of the country. Peranakan-Chinese in three cultures and Wim Willems, author of Tjalie Robinson, Exodus from the Dutch East Indies.


Impression of the Romney  exposition, 2012 in collaboration with Edward Susanna


Samoe 2013, textiles, photos in collaboration with Edward Susanna, dimensions: 180  x 235 cm. Series of portable objects inspired by Samurai fighters from Japan and African and Asian gods. Samoe is a combination of different identities from different cultures. Samoe is as it is: daily work, a calm mind, but also a warrior.
Film Samoe


De Hollandia……. a history, 2012, installation, wood size: 800 x 200 x 120 cm.The shipwreck is built from oak from the old rafters of the Stalgebouw on Estate De Heerlijkheid in Appeltern. The ‘Hollandia’ is the name of the VOC ship from 1619 that sailed on the Dutch East Indies and was destroyed in 1642 off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia.

QuasInsekten, 2011,installation, wood, wood veneer, acrylic, size: 190 x 210 x 60 cm.


Disappearing Varanus lizard, 2010, woodcut on canvas, size 300 x 100 cm. each


Publication De Admiralen, Fuga van Constances, Exhibitions, 2010/2011, author Agnes Schreiner, Uitgeverij 1001


QuasIguana’s, 2010, decor / installation / projection, woodcut, acrylic on paper and textiles, size: theater-size, performance: Theater Zuidplein Rotterdam, Madley City RS Blaasorkest


Quasivaraan te hooi en te gras, 2007, installation, woodcut on textiles, size: 500 x 100 cm each


School class, 2006, woodcut, photo fragment on paper, size: 30 h x 24 cm br. From the serie of “From school class to double portrait”.


Dancer, 2005, photo fragment, acrylic, size: 25.5 x 18.5 cm. From the serie Scaffolding after the edition “Het Steiger, the foreland of Rotterdam”, author Kees Vollemans


Father in Noorway, 2003, photo fragment, wood veneer on canvas, acrylic, size: 2 × 30 cm


Buah-Buahan, 1995, wood, fruit, size: 350 h x 80 x 80 cm each. Entrance World Women’s City Spectrum Festival Schiedam

Meru stacking, textile, wood, size: 150x125x50 cm

Meru Prambanan, 1989 size: 300 x 300 x 150 cm


Bali /…./ Holland, 1984, textile, metal, size: 100x35x35 cm


Wiggen, 1983, portable object, textile, size: human size


Portable object, 1982, textile, size: human size


Postkast RTV Rijnmond:


Publication: 1994 “My name is legion” – Kees Vollemans et al:

With Constance:

Photography: Edward Susanna

Fotos’: Edward Susanna made these photo’s: Antoinnette, Bali/…/Holland, portret Constance, draagbaar object 3, Indische zit, Met Constance tap, QuasiNaga, QuasiNaga stamboom, Romneyloods impression, adaptation of interior and N-Guinea, Samoe installation, Samoe 1, Temple house Arie, Wiggen.

Hans Werlemann: “Sea legs” met Constance.