Jan Schlechter Duvall (1922-2009)- The Prigen portraits (1999)

Jan Schlechter Duvall – Prigen – Indonesia 2002

Twentyone (21) gouaches on kraft paper ± 33x23cm

Rik Lina: «Every work by Jan Schlechter Duvall is animated by a nocturnal spirit world, discovered as a child in Indonesia with its ancestor worship evoked by the Wayang gameand shaped early in his childhood with the Chinese calligraphy of the market. The atrocities of the world war introduced him to the jungle spirits of Burma and Thailand and later to those of the civilized jungles of western continents. These are the masked portraits of people he met there, in each of them the ghosts appear and break the outward appearance of the faces. His weapon is an inspired tropical palette of hues and tones that rub against all corners of the prism, the rainbow’s light captured and forwarded. In this way they become masks that do not hide the essence of the human being, but rather reveal it».