Dutch East Indies

Nederlandse versie

NedInd 1920

Source map: ‘The Dutch East Indies book of the sea’ published in 1925 in Weltevreden and edited by Dr. D.A. Rinkes, N. van Zalinge and J.W. de Roeveren.

From the Dutch East Indies to Indonesia
On August 17, 1945, Indonesian independence fighters proclaimed the independence of Indonesia. Historians look back on the history of the Netherlands, the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia.

Trade relationships
The relationship between the Netherlands and Indonesia is actually based on trade. In 1595 the first fleet left for the East Indies, after which more trips followed. In Indonesia one could get products that were very rare or even unknown on the Dutch market: spices, porcelain, silk, satin, damask, sabers, gems, gold and turtles. Peppers, cloves, nutmeg and mace also yielded a lot of profit for Dutch entrepreneurs.
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