OHD Museum

OHD Museum is a private museum of modern and contemporary Indonesian art, founded and owned by the well-known art collector Dr. Oei Hong Djien (OHD).


As a well-known art collector, curator, honorary-advisor to Singapore Art Museum, dr. Oei Hong Djien started his collection in the early 1970s.
His collection of more than 2000 artworks, ranging from paintings, sculptures, installations and new media art, represents the essence of modern and contemporary Indonesian art. From time to time the museum exhibits an artist show. The OHD Museum aspires the young generations to appreciate, enjoy and preserve Indonesian art.
Indisch Museum is very honored, that it has permission of dr. Oei Hong Djien to give attention to his museum.
OHD Museum



The names of Eduard Cuypers, Marius Hulswit and Arthur Fermont are connected to the two most productive architects from pre-war Indonesia: Until 1927 they worked under the name Hulswit-Fermont & Ed. Cuypers. After the death of Marius Hulswit (1862-1921) and Eduard Cuypers (1859-1927) they continued under the name Fermont-Cuypers until 1958.
Together they realized more than 150 buildings in the archipelago. Their extensive oeuvre includes churches, bank buildings, hospitals, government buildings and private houses. The buildings, of which there are still many, harvested much appreciation in the former Dutch East Indies and now in Indonesia. But who has ever heard of these architects here in the Netherlands?
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Amber Toorop

Het was er zo prachtig, zo onbeschrijflijk mooi…


René van Helsdingen en Ramses van Veldhuisen

Love to Love



In this collaborative work, Tiong Ang and André Kruysen bring different elements of colonial art history together. The artists explore multiple critical positions, disavowing a mere exploitation of their own Indo-identity. They launch an absurd idea: to explain the art collection of Sukarno to the stone monument of Jan Toorop. This powerful sculptural portrait by Dutch sculptor John Rädecker is erected in the Embassy area of The Hague. In Dutch art history, Jan Toorop is the iconic example of the ‘Indo-artist’.

Ketoprak (Toorop/Sukarno)